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RMVXA Tutorial - Timers

Hello and welcome to my tutorial. This is my first time making english tutorial. So please mind my grammar. I'm still learning.

In this tutorial, I'll explain how to use timer.

(RM VXA only)

As like we knew, RM had a timer feature that allows player to do a quest with time limits. If they failed to do the quest, the game will over or other things will happen. 

How to use it :

First, you gotta start the timer of course. Activate the event editor, and make an event.

When this window pops out, set the time limit. Click start >> ok.
Don't forget to add control self switch so you wont restart the timer by clicking the same event.

Then, make another event and set the trigger to paralel process. It would make the event run by itself while the player still could walk around to do the quest.
Add a conditional branch, click timer, and set the time.
For this tutorial, it would turn the switch "GAGAL" on
(Anyway, Gagal means fail in Indonesian :D)
Don't forget to add control self switch to break the event process and another event that will end the timer and the quest.

The timer would appears on your top right screen.

That's the basic of timer. But honestly, I rarely use this kind of timer. Because I think this is lack of element of surprise >:]
I usually make my own timer. The one that won't show numbers on the top right of the screen. Just like when an easter egg appears in some video games. Like if you stay in some place for a several minutes, something will appear.

I'd like to call it clock-less timer (LOL)

How to make it :
First, you gotta make an event with paralel process as its trigger. Then insert "Wait" as much as you like.60 frame is 1 second. So remember to count it first. If you lazy at counting (Like me), just copy and paste it as much as you want. When the timer ends, insert control self switch to switch to another event page to run the next event.

Well, that's it for my tutorial. Thanks for reading.

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